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For any of you that do video editing, FCP tis the Cat's Ass!

I have been playing around with it at work since Saturday and it is absolutly amazing, or should I say everything that comes with it is Amazing!
The Soundtrack Application rocks, it is SO easy to create a soundtrack for whatever you are doing, I whipped together a track in about 5 mins (Without any video to synch to however, havnt gotten to that yet, still playing!)
And Live Type, one word for this WOW!!!!
The program itself is a little hard to get into because of the unfamiliar interface, and the lack of options on the timeline that FCP Users are accustomed to. But in the end, once you start figgering out the little quirks, it is amazing.
It has so many effects, and you can double them up and play around with them, and if it is not to your liking, it is all key framable so you can play with your heats content!

I cannot wait to learn more about these new programs!
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