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Would someone please explain what the hell is wrong with wearing socks with sandals anyway?
Primarily aesthetics.

In North American culture, it also (generally) signifies a certain granola-crunchy inability to fit into social norms--note that I say "inability" not choice, since surely if you truly knew better, you would not be wearing socks and sandals. ;)

This may further imply a lack of professionalism (outside of organic and hemp-related fields), and then further implies that while this might be a very nice person who can tell you all about trees and the ozone layer, they are a little clueless and you couldn't take them anywhere where you might need to impress people.

Winter sandals--merely an attempt at defending the undefendable.

I'm about 60% serious. :D

Incidentally, I make my own granola... but you'd never know it from my footwear.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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