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Apple iWorks '08 Provides Simple But Solid Spreadsheet App

Apple iWork '08 Provides Simple But Solid Spreadsheet App
By Tiffany Maleshefski
August 17, 2007

Review: Numbers fills out Apple's iWork '08 suite and proves itself to be a worthy competitor for Microsoft Excel.

Apple's iWork '08 boasts improvements to the software suite's word processing and presentation applications, but—more importantly—it fills the suite's spreadsheet hole with Numbers.

eWEEK Labs ran Numbers through its paces, and found it to be a strong addition to the productivity software market and a promising alternative to Microsoft Excel.

The inclusion of Numbers certainly positions iWork to compete with the Microsoft Office suite, and replaces the now defunct AppleWorks suite. Emphasizing the spreadsheet program's ease of use, yet promising the ability to create sophisticated document, users can create and edit highly technical business documents as easily as they can create a simple family budget.


During my tests, I found that Numbers is, for the most part, an intuitive program that shouldn't illicit the heavy sighs and consternation that Excel has been known to do.
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