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I wonder if anyone has ever come across a problem like this:

I'm running ElCapitan, printing on an Epson WF-7520
Usually have no problems printing

Yesterday I tried to print on a large 13" x 19" paper.
Used Epson Presentation Paper Matte, printed from a pdf file on my Mac.

The print came out mostly fine except for the dark blue squiggles shown in the picture.
Tried another print, similar squiggles but in a slightly different area and not as many
Tried it a third time, similar squiggles again but again in a slightly different area and a different number of them.
Then I printed on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet - fine with no squiggles.
Printed on glosse 13" x 19" photo papet - a;so fine with no squiggles
Finally ended up going to Staples since I needed this image on 13 x 19 matte paper, also fine, no squiggles except Staples can only print up to 11" x 17"

Seems to me as if that Epson paper ios not cvompatible with the Epson printer - that it somehow doesn't feed right - maybe the paper weight is too light (it's 27 lbs) for that size of paper.
8 1/2 x 11 paper I often use is 20 lbs and that is fine; the 13 x 19 photo paper was 80 lbs and that was fine too.

Anyone have any insight on what is going on?

I'm trying to figure out why I get those squiggles and how to get a print without them.


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