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For those running Macs in corporate environments who dictate the use of MS Exchange server for their email requirements (The World's Best Virus Distribution System™), the MacBU has released the Office 10.1.4 update which allows Entourage to talk to these servers directly.

That means you can finally ditch Outlook 2001 is Classic.

Make sure you have applied all the updates prior however and you're all set. We'll be testing this release to make sure its everything they claim.

For many, this is the last OS 9 app they had to get rid of now that Quark has gotten off their sorry behinds. Hmm, lets see now, what else is there left to ditch...?

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I don't use MS Exchange Server, but I'd like to know what improvements they've made to Word, Excel and PowerPoint in this latest update.

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From the Read Me:
</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">
3 Improvements Included in Microsoft Exchange Update
for Entourage X (Office v. X 10.1.4 Update)

3.1 Improvements for Word X
* Improved document stability when copying nested tables
from other Word documents.

3.2 Improvements for Excel X
* Excel 5.0 for Windows 95 workbooks with modules
containing double-byte characters can now be saved as
Excel X workbooks.
* Improved worksheet stability for worksheets with multiple
custom views or page breaks.

3.3 Improvements for PowerPoint X
* Improved program stability when using PowerPoint files
created in PowerPoint for Windows that contain links to
missing files.

3.4 Improvements for Entourage X
* Entourage X mail messages, contacts, and Calendar
events now synchronize with Exchange servers.

For more information about what's changed as well as other
issues in Entourage X, see Entourage Read Me.html. After
you complete the Update installation, this file is located in
the Read Me folder in the Microsoft Office X folder. You can
also see "What's New in Microsoft Entourage X" and "About
Entourage X Exchange server support" in Entourage Help.

4 Files Updated in This Update

This update changes the files listed below. After the update
has been installed, you can check the version numbers of
the following Office program files to see if they are correct.
To see the version number of a file, select it in the Finder,
and then click Get Info on the File menu.

File Version Number
AutoContent Wizard 10.1.4
Brochure Wizard no version number
Camera & Scanner Plug-in 10.1.4
Catalog Wizard no version number
Conditional Sum Wizard 10.1.4
Entourage Read Me.html 10.1.4
Envelope Wizard no version number
EPS Import 10.1.4
Holidays 10.1.4
Installation Read Me.html 10.1.4
Label Wizard no version number
Letter Wizard no version number
Menu Wizard no version number
Metafile Import 10.1.4
Microsoft Clip Gallery 10.1.4
Microsoft Component Plugin 10.1.4
Microsoft Conversion Library 10.1.4
Microsoft Database Daemon 10.1.4
Microsoft Entourage 10.1.4
Microsoft Excel 10.1.4
Microsoft Excel 2.x-10 10.1.4
Microsoft Framework X 10.1.4
Microsoft Graph 10.1.4
Microsoft Office Notifications 10.1.4
Microsoft Office X updated
Microsoft PowerPoint 10.1.4
Microsoft Synchronization 10.1.4
Microsoft Word 10.1.4
MS Component Library (Carbon) 10.1.4
MS Entourage Help 10.1.4
MS Entourage Help Index 10.1.4
MS License Agreement 10.1.4
MS Office Notifications Help 10.1.4
MS OLE Automation (Carbon) 10.1.4
MS OLE Library (Carbon) 10.1.4
MS PSS Help 10.1.4
MS Structured Storage (Carbon) 10.1.4
Newsletter Wizard no version number
Organization Chart X 10.1.4
Recover Text Converter 10.1.4
SaveAsMovie Wizard 10.1.4
ShMem 10.1.4
VBA Converter 10.1.4
Visual Basic for Applications 10.1.4
Word 6.0/95 Import 10.1.4
Word 4.x-5.x for the Macintosh 10.1.4
Word 97-X Import 10.1.4</pre>[/QUOTE]So really, not a lot changed to anything except Entourage.


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Agreed, Exchange is a royal pain the butt. I'd love to see an open-source groupware system that uses industry standard protocols and is not OS-dependant or client-specific.

If Apple could bring something together that uses IMAP, SMTP, ICAL, LDAP etc.. and runs on OS X, Linux and even Windows we'd have something really nice.

I LOVE Communigate Pro, its the best email server I've ever come across. Sendmail is positively archaic compared to that. I tried the MAPI plug-in but couldn't get it going... I'd like to tray that out...
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