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Energy marketers ?

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I have been approached at my door and on the phone a number of times
in the last few days.

They say they want to save you money on your gas bill.

I will not show my bill to someone who comes to the door.

But is there money to be saved in the these companies and any drawbacks ?
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Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Since energy deregulation here in Alberta, I have been visited numerous times by firms wanting to sell me energy contracts that would supposedly save me money.

I declined every single time. My neighbours, who signed for a five year term are stuck for 36 more months paying far more for gas than I have and am still paying.

It's a scare tactic by those companies to get you to sign. I mean think about it. Who do they want to benefit, you or themselves?
That was my gut feeling.
Anytime someone is trying is sell you so hard, there must be more in it for them.
I hadn't considered the identity theft angle HowEver. That's a good point.
I've had these people come to my door several times and find them to be very aggressive. One of them literally had his foot in my door (but not for long) when I was trying to shut it. When I called the company he represented they told me that these people are "individual contractors" and the company has no control over their actions!
I had one con my wife into this a couple of weeks ago, I guess it doesn't matter that it is my name on the bill. Poor thing was so excited because she thought she was going to save us money. Good thing they had the call and confirm policy, they called me and I told them where to go.

Primus got us like this too, the phone was under my name but got my wife to sign on for their long distance plan, it wasn't as easy getting out of this one.

I was actually going to look into this further since the new evironment bill that got passed, they mentioned that everything was going to go up. Whether or not it will go beyond the rate you sign on for remains to be seen.
Legitimate energy marketers offer the energy equivalent of a fixed-rate mortgage. Not for everyone and, depending upon the province you reside in, may not significantly improve price stability.

Unless you have a strong feeling about where prices will go, the only question is how much you want to pay to reduce your price risk.
Unless you have a strong feeling about where prices will go, the only question is how much you want to pay to reduce your price risk.
This advice should of been given to BMO...
They need crystal balls.
Maybe, but that "tinkling" is annoying. :D
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