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email, fonts and WIndows

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Strange. I just sent a test newlsetter to my wife's PC and found that there is a vertical rectangle in between each sentence. I chose the normal 12 pt Helvetica on the Mac side. Any way around this? Might it be a setting on our PC?
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Installed PC version of Thunderbird and the email looks perfect. Must be Outlook Express.
Haven't used Helvetica in a very long time as I hate the way it displays (and prints) after the OS8.6 fix. I use Arial instead and have never had an issue with it.;)

Exception is the old LC. Helvetica still works great with her:)
Just got a reply back from one of my 500 contacts. Didn't look good on their end. Little diamonds with question marks in between each sentence. I switched over to Arial. Hope that helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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