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I bought this for my iPhone 5, and it's a fantastic dock. Unfortunately, it's too narrow to fit my iPhone 6 with a case. It will fit an iPhone 6 with the Apple cases, or a similarly thin case, but not much more. It will not fit an iPhone 6+.

Mine is silver, and comes with the NanoPad (added to later shipments) to hold it securely to almost any smooth surface. Effortless to remove your phone - don't need to hold down the dock or stop it from moving.

Elevation Dock 2 - iPhone Dock for 5, 5s, 5c with Lightning Adapter | ElevationLab

Toronto meetup preferred, will ship to established ehMac members (at actual cost) with payment by EMT.

$60 OBO.

No dings or marks, 10/10 condition.
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