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ehMac worth $310,536!!!

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Go to, put in the field and hit Return

Holy Crap - ehMac is "worth" $310,536!

Not bad, eh?

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Hmmmmmm.... That site grossly overvalues my 4 or 5 entry blog at $1,175 !!! :confused:

If anyone offered me that $1,175 :clap: I'd jump on it in a heartbeat, and laugh all the way to the bank..... :D

I'd be cautious with their numbers. - 2.6 Billion - 36 Million - $21,783 :lmao: kicks butt.! :clap:


And is now for sale for the low low price of $3,996USD.
For ehMac members I will sell it to you CDN at par with the USD.:greedy: :greedy: :greedy:
The estimated value of is: $1,455,091,135 - $21,783
This proves the site that estimates another web site's value is inaccurate. ;)
I'm sure that if ehMac was anywhere close to that value, the Mayor would sell in a heartbeat.
Damn, my web page budget is only $310,000.

I guess I'll have to keep shopping...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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