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Jammin off of ehMac's thread What I want ehMac to be about... more clearly defined and what he said in his first post:

What I specifically want on ehMac, is for it to have tons of really amazing, quality content. I want it to be thee place to find info on Mac and iOS related stuff, and to share interesting experiences, opinions and humour.
I thought an EhMac User Review section may be interesting. We all comment on impressions of both hardware and software based on our own experiences of them... basically our reviews of them... So I thought maybe a EhMac User Review section may be in order because so often such threads get lost in the Anything Mac Section. A repository of such threads in one place may be useful...

So in that vain I am posting a EhMac User Review - Streamtome.

In a previous thread called "iPad what is missing I posted this:

...I want an App on the iPod that will allow me to stream iTunes music (from my local iTunes Library} to the iPod and be able to listen to it through my headphones, with no extra hardware of any kind on either the iPod or Mac side. I understand (or think I do) that software may also be required on the Mac side to allow me to control iTunes with the iPod but I don't care. Again I see no reason why extra hardware should be required as with WiFi has the bandwidth and the two way connection is there so why shouldn't software alone be able to allow me to do this? That is if it has been written. And again if I was a software developer it would be something I would be working on.

This would make the iPod Touch an even more useful device. At least for me. I garden and wear my iPod when working in the yard. How great would it be to have my entire music library available to me to listen to if I could. Even the largest iPod can't come close to holding my entire music collection as it is over 225GB. Not only that, with all the iPod capable portable speaker systems that are out there it would allow someone to use their whole music collection anywhere in the house or yard just with their iPod Touch and a portable speaker system, even without an Airport Express. The technology is here to do this, maybe the software isn't and if it isn't, what's the hold up? :)
Alas I am not a software developer and I had to wait for someone to develop software that met my needs/wants. I had to wait a few months but I finally found Streamtome.

It does exactly what I wanted it to do and more for those interested in steaming audio/video to any of their iOS devices from their WiFi enabled Mac/PC computers.

What is Streamtome?

StreamToMe is a media player application for Macs and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) that plays video, music and photo files (in a wide variety of formats) streamed over the network from another Mac or PC.

Files are live-transcoded into the native format for your device so you don't need to pre-convert your media. Adaptive bitrates mean that you can stream over WiFi or 3G.
It costs $2.99 from the App sore or iTunes and you get the server software (Servetome) for free. It does exactly as advertised. Now I can wander around my 10,000 sq. ft. property and have my full iTunes Library available to me regardless of the native storage on my iPod, iPad or iPhone, steaming to my device over WiFi.

The signal strength is terrific if using at least the previous gen Airport. I get about a 70ft. radius of usable signal reception, which translates to a 140 ft. range from side to side of signal reception without breakup.

The interface isn't as clean and well ordered as iTunes but it is pretty close and with a little bit of playing around you get the hang of the interface very quickly. For a WiFi set up (it also does 3G) it couldn't be easier to set up. From the time that I installed the server software and the app on my iPod Touch to being up and running it was all of probably 5 minutes.

The only "glitch" that I have thus far found is that the sound very momentarily (less than a second) sometimes drops out when an in coming e-mail arrives (I have yet to find a solution to this quirk, but then again I haven't looked that hard as it is a very minor annoyance)

For $2.99 it does exactly what I wanted it do and more.

I HIGHLY recommend it if you want to stream iTunes content to your iOS device from your Mac or PC.


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Very cool Screature! :clap: I'll check it out some more.

I know what you mean about posts getting lost. I have been looking at ways to get products / reviews better organized, but until then, I love hearing about Mac / iOS related products that other ehMacians are using and find useful.
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