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I don't think ehMax has made an RSS feed available for ehMac, so I wrote a script that generates an RSS feed for ehMac.

The feel lists the last twenty articles posted to ehMac, along with an excerpt of each article, and it's updated every five minutes. Just point your RSS reader[1] at and everything should just work.

[1] If you don't have a reader, NewNewsWire is probably the best one out there for Mac OS X.
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jfpoole - Nice job! This is quite the alternative to the widget that you originally created.
hello jfpoole,

I get a XML errror when launching in Safari directly.

I use 10.3.1 in French with Safari.

[Edit]But the good way to use is launching a reader.[/Edit
I've fixed (most) of the XML errors; you should be able to view the RSS feed in Safari (not that it'll do much good, since Safari doesn't display XML as nicely as Internet Explorer).

There are still a couple of issues that prevent the feed from validating, but it works in all of the RSS readers I've tried, so that's good enough for me for now.
Thanks jfpoole,

I download NetNewsWire Lite to try and all works fine.

I will survey your job from Paris by this way.
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Hey cool! I remember trying this out when you first posted it, but couldn't get it to work. All is good now.

This is exactly what I wanted for ehMac!
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