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Due to the amount of members coming into the room, and people not always being able to put ehMac screen names to the email addresses or AIM Screen names on this thread I will keep a current run on who is in the room, and their username so you can put screenname to "chat name" and we can avoid a need for people to ask who so and so is.

For example names will be listed in this format:
ehMac Screen Name - "Chat Name (aka email or AIM Screen Name)"

As people sign off their names will be removed from the list, as the purpose of this list is to tell people who is online.

If we want to we can make another thread where people can post their iChat IDs on so they are publicly available, and if you do not wish to have your iChat IDs posted on here when I update the list please message me.

- Stream is up now.


Special thanks to everyone who showed up!

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