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Any pool players out there? Anyone want to start?
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tr, my son is in Calgary right now, but he does not have his dad's pool/billiards abilities. With a transit strike looming, he had better get his dad's walking abilities. Paix, mon ami.
I'm game for making a fool out of myself.
Send me a PM, Chealion. We'll go out for a few games/pints.
tr, what is the public transit strike situation in Calgary? You folks should consider that if you are going to drink.
I have no idea, Dr G. I drive everywhere - and one of my friends owns saferidecalgary - so if I do have a drink, I can be driven home in my car, safely.

But thanks for the concern!
Good for you, tr.
Dr. G - Transit could give 72 hour strike notice at any time, but no one is expecting it until at least Thursday at the latest pending the talks tomorrow night.

talonracer - PM sent.
Thanks for the update, Chealion. My son needs to take the bus to work or walk.
Dr.G., tell your son to come out with us. I'm certainly not any good at pool, so the more the merrier to start with, hey?
I just got absolutely schooled by my ex-girlfriend at pool, so I'm hoping to improve a bit before we have the rematch.
tr, I shall mention this to him. Merci.
Any new news of a transit strike in Calgary?
Nope. They still would have to give 72 hours notice. I briefly heard it mentioned on the news, but I have to admit I selfishly wasn't paying attention to transit news, was more interested in finding a station playing music!
Thanks for the update, tr. My son likes to play pool, but is not all that good at the game.
Dr.G, here is the latest on the transit situation:

The Calgary Sun - Transit talks aimed at deal

Marathon last-ditch talks to head off a looming transit strike continued late last night, with both sides hoping to hammer out a deal.

At press time last night, the city and the transit union had been meeting for more than 12 hours trying to find common ground.
It is hard to know what will happen given the posturing by both sides, however, the last I heard is that there would not be a general strike but rather a rotating strike and it doesn't sound like the City would lock them out unless their actions became distruptive. The City gave the example of abandoning buses on the side of roads as one situation where they would lock them out.

Given the infrastructure problems in this city, I don't want to know what would happen if a general strike or lockout occurred.
Thank you, zoziw. My son is not familiar with Calgary as a pedestrian, just as a bus rider. I appreciate this info.
Your son might want to investigate getting a bike. Summer is coming and Calgary does have a myriad of bike paths. Depends where he is and where work is whether he can take advantage of the bike paths. I wouldn't recommend very much 'street riding' though, as the drivers in Calgary have become very aggressive and short of patience.

If there is a transit strike it will be chaos, even if rotating. I can't believe how horrible the traffic is in Calgary even on a 'good' day.
Thank you, zoziw. My son is not familiar with Calgary as a pedestrian, just as a bus rider. I appreciate this info.
Does he live close to where he needs to be on a daily basis?
Thanks, Elaine, but my son is getting into walking and running now.

Zoziw, he is about a 20-30 minute walk from where he is living/working. And, since Calgary does not have the same sort of wind that we have in St.John's, which always seems to be in your face at gale-force, it won't be a difficult walk.
I am glad to hear that. It is really easy to end up a long way from where you need to be in this city.
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