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Discussion Starter · #1 · would like to extend a big welcome to a longtime contributing member to the community, Macdoc as an official "Assured Advertiser".

Macdoc, run by David Hellstern, is an member who's been around for a long time (Now in their 26th year! :eek: ), offering lots of great advice and contributions to the Canadian Mac community.

Check out their site at, Call at 905-608-8588 or send them an email to [email protected] for great deals and advice on Mac gear and services!

As an Assured Advertiser, you'll know that the member is a great company that is officially approved and endorsed by and that they provide amazing Mac or iOS related products. You'll also know that the company supports not only financially but more importantly, through great information and advise on the site and is a regular contributing member and active participant in the community.

You'll know a company is an official Assured Advertiser, by the official exclusive badge below their avatar.
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