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Hi folks. This year, my entire family and myself are going to do the Toronto MS Bike tour to raise money for the Canadian MS Society. Money goes towards research to find a cure for MS. Just in the past few days, news reports of Major Discoveries have been released.

Since started, we have raised well over $3000 with 2 past bike tours. The year, the "ehMax Family Bikers" are set to raise another $3000. Myself, Mrs. ehMax, and the 3 ehMaxettes (11, 9 and 5) will all be doing the 50KM tour in Toronto on September, 9th, 2007. My two older ehMaxettes will be doing the entire bike ride while the youngest will be pulled in a trailer by myself.

Click here for the official ehMax Family Bikers MS Bike Tour Page Here you can make a pledge to the team, and track our progress.

Please pledge your support today and help us defeat MS!


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Thanks for all your pledges people! We broke $2000!!!!!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

The van is all packed up, the tires pumped up, chains all oiled up. We've got our lucky penny to throw into Lake Ontario. ;)

We're all set!

It's not too late to pledge!
Just a couple more pledges before tomorrow? :) :eek:
Good luck to you and the family on your ride today Mr. Mayor. We who can't be there will stay back here and try and scare up a few more pledges for you.

Sorry for the late update.

The ride went really great! I'm so proud of my 9 year old who did the entire 50k. :clap:

Will send a personal thanks to all who pledged. :)
Kudos to you and your family for undertaking this for all of us. Paix, mon ami.
Kudos to you and your family for undertaking this for all of us. Paix, mon ami.
Hey Dr. G. We made a little video of us throwing a lucky penny into Lake Ontario. However, right now, everytime I try to import it into iPhoto, I get a message that the video is damaged. Which is odd, because I can watch the video on the camera.

I will try a few other ways to get it off the camera. :)
Mr. Mayor, knowing that you did this for my mom brings a smile to my face. Merci.
81 - 88 of 88 Posts
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