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Hi folks. This year, my entire family and myself are going to do the Toronto MS Bike tour to raise money for the Canadian MS Society. Money goes towards research to find a cure for MS. Just in the past few days, news reports of Major Discoveries have been released.

Since started, we have raised well over $3000 with 2 past bike tours. The year, the "ehMax Family Bikers" are set to raise another $3000. Myself, Mrs. ehMax, and the 3 ehMaxettes (11, 9 and 5) will all be doing the 50KM tour in Toronto on September, 9th, 2007. My two older ehMaxettes will be doing the entire bike ride while the youngest will be pulled in a trailer by myself.

Click here for the official ehMax Family Bikers MS Bike Tour Page Here you can make a pledge to the team, and track our progress.

Please pledge your support today and help us defeat MS!


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Now you've got me confused, what's a newbie? :D
Someone that makes a caesar using a hint of doxie slobber.
Is that the secret ingredient everyone's been raving about?
Wow, this discussion makes me want to donate again just to end it.

Come on ehmacers: I have seen lots of threads on on how much more "society" should do -- here's an opportunity to actually do more that is well tailored for lazy people, like myself. Ehmax and his family will sweat it out. Maybe if he pledges to use a painful gear the sadists will open up their wallets? ;)

And, as a bonus, you get a tax receipt worth probably about 20% to 50% of your donation and, implicitly, get some direct influence over where some of your tax dollars (the 20% to 50%) go.
Please don't get us started again. ;)
Not really, but maybe they do?
How is your bike training coming along, Mr. Mayor?
Uh, oh. Should I start again?
Well, that depends, which by the way I a NOT wearing, but back to the subject at hand, I don't have a pair of booster cables handy anyway.

I think. Or maybe not.

Bottom line is the uglier we make this, the more chance someone will buy us out, NON?
Oui. And, as a side note on the topic of backsides, Depends seem like an excellent timesaver for young and old alike. They also make your booty look fuller.

So, has it started?
OMG, I thimk so!
You thimk therefore you am?
I are therefore I thamk.

I thimk.

Make a pledge to Ehmax's team!
Tomorrow is the big day!!!!

Please get your pledges in!

Mrs. ehMax and my oldest daughter are not going to be able to do the biking tomorrow, so it will just be myself, my youngest in the trailer, and her older sister.

I'm hoping we can at least hit $2000 before tomorrow.. that would be a great accomplishment!
Come on people get your pledges in!
61 - 80 of 88 Posts
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