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Eek - A Flea!

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This morning I noticed a flea on one of my three cats - this is the first time I've EVER had a flea on a pet. Unfortunately I couldn't catch it but I'll keep looking and working her long fur with a steel comb.

The three cats are indoor-only pets so I surmise the flea must have been picked up at an open window or at the back door, where they spend a lot of their time lazing during the Summer months. There are a lot of squirrels and other critters around all the time outside. Or could one of us have picked up the flea outside and brought it indoors on our clothing?

What should I do - are flea collars effective? Comments & tips would be appreciated. What a way to start my day off. :mad:
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Used it on dogs, over the years, and it's the cat's ass. :yikes:

Sorry. :eek:
Always assume there's more than one. Even if there is only one, the cycle of laying eggs can be assumed to have begun. The quicker you act, the less of a problem you'll have.

- If you can quarantine them to a certain area, that's good.
- Bath them with Flea shampoo, purchase the above mentioned product or one I use on my cats and dogs called Advantage, and it will work to stop the spread of the fleas.
- learn a bit about the flea life cycle, what to look for on your cat (if you're not sure), and how to break the cycle.
- Again ACT FAST. Do as much as you can NOW. The longer you wait the harder it will be to stem.
Talk to your vet about flea drops (the ones you place on the back of the neck). Usually you get a three month supply, which totally eliminates the problem.
Hey, at least you don't have bedbugs! They are everywhere in Vancouver and have even crossed over from the filth of the Downtown Eastside to normal, average homes.

(Not my home, I should least, I don't think so.)
Forget the flea collars. They don't work and often irritate the cat's neck. My cats had fleas for the first time last year. This year I've been using Advantage in the form of drops on the cats' necks and so far so good. When I lived in New Zealand I had a boarding kennel. We used to keep eucalyptus branches in the dog runs to keep away fleas (good old Maori remedy) and that worked well. (Obviously I'm not actually suggesting you do that here.)
t flea drops (the ones you place on the back of the neck).
Best solution. Worked on my dog even when staying in a house where the home-dog was infested!!
Forget the flea collars. They don't work and often irritate the cat's neck.
True.. Flea collars are an expensive joke.

My indoor cats haven't yet had the problem..

I chose Advantage for the (dearly departed) dog and it worked wonderfully well. I wanted to avoid the pill solution because I didn't want any nasty side effects from use of a systemic.
I'll be bringing one cat to the vet this evening, and the rest this Monday (unless the vet says it's not necessary) - I'm hoping the vet will prescribe Advantage or similar. It's been highly recommended by a couple of friends. I was thinking of putting a flea collar on them for the weekend, but I just can't do that.

The pet bed my cat was in when I noticed the flea on her hind leg is in the garbage. She has white fur, which I've examined from head to toe - but I haven't found any sign of fleas or droppings. Still, I'll act as though eggs have been laid and an infestation is occurring. This weekend I'll be vacuuming and cleaning and vacuuming and cleaning some more. The cats will be examined every couple of hours, and combed thoroughly (I know they'll love all the attention).

I'm also going to start live-trapping and relocating squirrels this weekend - we've got a large population this year, and I assume they're bringing fleas with them around outside the house. Even if they're not, I want to reduce the population as they're getting intrusive and a bit destructive. Time for a new career in a new town.
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