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R.I.P. Marc - 01/29/2022
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Here is an interesting news item from Scholastic Inc.

The main thesis of the item is as follows:

Computer Brands: Macintosh is the single most
common brand of instructional computer in schools today, but Wintel computers (from all makers combined) constitute more than two-thirds of the installed base. Dell Computer is the most common brand with an estimated 18% of the installed base. Dell is
also the leading brand in district plans to purchase instructional computers for the 2002-2003 school year, with a 35% share, beating out Apple's Macintosh brand (21%) for the lead.

Wireless: Almost one-half of the districts surveyed (43%) report current ownership of wireless devices. In addition, one-third of all districts report they will purchase
wireless devices this year. As a sign of this growing trend, 9% of districts plan to buy all wireless computers this school year. Of wireless devices, 72.5% are laptops.

If ever there was a time Apple should be pushing the benefits of the iBook in the Maine intermediate schools is should be now.
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