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Edit iPhone recorded video in iMovie?

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I cannot import movies recorded on my new iPhone (3G S) into iMovie for editing. I can click and drag from iPhoto's "Devices" but when I release the click over iMovie ('08) nothing happens (the thumbnails bounce back to iPhoto). The movies are stored in a .MOV format which I thought iMovie worked with. I tried a couple of other ways of importing mov files into iMovie with no success. I also tried searching for it but little results mention iPhone 3G S and iMovie in the same page. If this functionality was purposely disabled from Apple... I will be disappointed.

Can anyone else import their recorded movies into iMovie for editing? Has anyone heard if this action was disallowed by Apple?

Thanks Muchly,

A poster in this thread implies that it works fine with iMovie '09
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One work around

In my frustration I shelled out $40.00 for QuickTime Pro I then exported my recorded video from QuickTime into a format that works with iMovie. I was able to edit to my hearts content. Just wish there was a freer, more integrated or more simpler way of editing video from the iPhone in iMovie.
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