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Hi, I need some opinions about this eBay seller from the U.S.A.: macman218

I've talked to some people who have bought stuff from him and they all were happy about their products. His feedback score is great, and if you go through all of the comments left for him you can notice that he responds to customers who seem less than happy.

I still want to be careful, but he has returned all of my emails super fast (within half an hour, in fact). The price is only like $300 less than the actual price too, so it doesn't seem that shady. He has a .mac email address when responding.

I did an intensive search of him on the internet, and came up with the following references:

Here, here, and here.

(all relevant terms associated with the seller are highlighted).

As you can see, I'm trying to be as thorough as I can with this seller.

For a Black macbook (1GB RAM, 160GB HD), upgraded to 2GB RAM + Canadian shipping, it comes to something like $1575 (according to him). I'd say this price is a great deal, while not getting into "scam" territory. Taxes will, of course, be added on (so the actual price will end up being around $1800), but he's going to try and lessen this by claiming the product to be worth less than it actually is (as some sellers from outside of Canada would if you ask them to). Not sure if I should be posting that part here, but anyway.

If I bought this from the Apple store it would cost around: $2022 (includes upgraded RAM, which I wouldn't have bought from Apple, but just putting here for price comparison; taxes, and student discount all included in this price).

Any opinions would be appreciated.
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Good job on the research. You can never be too careful when shopping online.

He seems legit (after a quick look over). He's a powerseller which probably means you are protected by ebay and paypal. Read the buyer protection notice in the auction.

Check his return policy.... any warranty available... make sure you know the shipping costs.... exchange rate (note: the current exchange rate is never the same with paypal. always round up in the price. 1 USD may be .95 CND, but with paypal it's usually less.

good luck!
Yes, I think the standard 1-year is available. He would give me the Apple Plan as well, but I can't pay for that yet (I only have enough money for the system currently, but I will be buying the Plan in a few weeks).
Never, ever buy a UPS-shipped product from the United States. Do a search for UPS on ehMac or anywhere else. That $300 you save could easily be eaten up by UPS, and more, and you'll curse the hassles for years. You'll start threads about it. You'll start an anti-UPS website. You get the idea...

This is your first Mac. Use the Apple Canada store, use your educational discount and get a free nano, or buy a refurb. You might as well be safe, avoid the pitfalls of eBay/PayPal/UPS (and normally I'd be in favour of eBay etc.), and get what you are after.
I concur. Avoid UPS.. they're the real scam artists.
UPS are way too expensive
hi jaline,

the boys are right. UPS is downright expensive. the best way to get around duty taxes is to ship by air which will probably be expensive for your purchase.

the refurb store is where you should buy from. some things, despite how great the seller is, shouldn't be bought on ebay.


PS. with the education deal, you can take the nano and sell it for a bit of cash too.
Thanks everyone :)

He has actually offered to use USPS, and is willing to undervalue it slightly for me. He's being very helpful.

But I'm getting kind of tired with the uncertainty surrounding fees, so I think I may stick with
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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