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EA Games and the Mac - woot! (WWDC)

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Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
Command & Conquor 3 coming in July
Battlefield 2142
Need For Speed Carbon

July of this year.

:) :)
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With non-gaming graphics in the MacBook line, this kinda sucks for a lot of people.
That will rock on the Mac Pro with x1900! Awesome!!
This is EA we are talking about here... I'm not expecting anything worth purchasing in the near future.

I'm excited about the id demo. If Valve's Steam service ever came to the Mac, that would be quite the day for gaming news.
Xbox 360

I recently "gave up" on Mac gaming. Face it, if you want Mac hardware to run games your going to need a high end machine.

That's why I bought a MacBook (black of course :>) and an XBOX 360.

BTW-> The Halo 3 beta was awesome and the new Star Wars game, "Force Unleashed" looks freakin awesome!!!

YouTube - force unleashed

I can't wait 5-10 yrs for it to port to the Mac.
I want my NHL 08!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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