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I was just checking out the meritline website.
I noticed that they are selling Memorex DVD-R fro $6.25 U.S. each !
Is this an average price
I went to Best buy in Oakville and I just bought a 10 pack of the same DVD's for 19.99CDN
that's the equivalent to $1.57 U.S. each

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It's an average price if you only buy one DVD-R. Give or take. However, it depends on what speed they are. Typically the 4x DVD-Rs are the most expensive, followed by the 2x and 1x (naturally).

Personally, I find Apple's 2x speed 5 DVD-R pack to be a decent price. You could probably get a 25, 50 or even 100 (or more) pack of "no-name" DVD-Rs in bulk, but you have to be carefull of duds.
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