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Mac maitenance? Do ya?

  • It's as routine as backing up

    Votes: 19 44.2%
  • Once a year

    Votes: 10 23.3%
  • Never thought about it

    Votes: 10 23.3%
  • Dust, what dust?

    Votes: 4 9.3%

Dust bunny's

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Wondering how often people clean the insides of your macs? Blow the dust bunnies out... just general maintenance? stuff like that.
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I've thought about it, but I'm not really sure how you would on an iMac or a Macbook. Are you supposed to? Is it a good idea?

When I used to have PC's it was about once a year.
I've never done it. My Macs generally sit on my desk and don't get that dusty. I might have to start, though, as the PM G5 tends to get a bit dustier. & a can of compressed air, for the iMacs that is.

You may be surprised how much dust is in there ;)
My old LC about once a year. Laptops never. G3 iMacs only if I need to be in there for another reason. Probably time for the eMac but then again I may take the old iMac attitude on this guy.:D
I clean dust from the inside of my G5 every couple of months, and about twice a year I remove all the internal fans and give them a thorough wipe.
I usually give the old G4 tower a good clean every couple of months... we have a short hair cat and there is some hair that accumulates in the intake. I usually give the board a clean with compressed air... runs cooler without the 'insulation'

If you're in Toronto there's a sale on at Staples right now.... Dust-off 2 cans for $8.46 - that's 50% off... :cool:

Have a great weekend everyone!
I choce the "Dust? What's Dust?" option

A few years ago I bought 2 air filtration setups for my studio (not simple hepa filters but true negative ion generator/carbon filter units). They are more $$ up front than simple air filter setups, but require little to no maintenance and the main filters only require cleaning with a special solution (not replacing like hepa filter stuff).

When they run there is NO dust, the dust particles get zapped right out of the air, as does anything else that is larger than an air molecule. Fantastic if you have allergies or lots of electronics or both. Not so much as a single spec or dust inside or even on any gear! :)
Where did you buy your filtration setups?
Does the product have a web page?
I've cleaned out the QuickSilver G4's enclosure every couple of months (a quick vacuum) but have never really figured out how to clean out my PB correctly without opening it. I blew in the air vent once this past month after over 3 years - I'm starting to think the black mark on my face says I need to open it up and vacuum.
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