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Duet App -vs- AirDisplay 3: iPad as 2nd screen

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Anyone have any experience with either of the 2 apps. I'm likely going to grab one.

Duet App.

Air Display 3.

After grabbing this older MacBook, going from 1920px to 1280px has been a bit of a shocker. Seeing that I have an iPad, would be a great complement as a 2nd screen.

They're pretty much priced the same with the only real diff that AD3 has been around a little longer.

interesting side note:

I love that Duet was developed but an former Apple staffer - and they're apparently so adamant on letting you know - they threw it in the title!

<title>Duet Display - Ex-Apple Engineers Turn Your iPad into a Second Display for your Mac</title>
And, added to that, if you take a good look at their site, and has an unusually familiar aesthetic, layout and design... take a close look.


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