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Dr Phil is doing a direct intervention into a Family that has a 15 year old pregnant daughter etc etc He is in daily contact with both the family and the daughter via video conferencing using a 17" iMac and iChat DV and iSite Both of which should promote out platform The dear Dr's people evidently did not read the instructions on the iSite and that the camera should be mounted at the top of the screen with one of the several adaptors provided. The iSite is mounted in front of the CPU and the keyboard and god forbid that the CD tray might actuate . Here is my posting to It will be interesting if I hear anything

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If you are going to use iChat AV and iSite ....for which we Mac users applaud you .... for your video conferencing then please use the iSite camera mounting adaptors which came with the iSite so that proper viewing angles are presented. The camera should be mounted at the top of the 17' iMac with the adaptor provided. To mount the iSite at the keyboard level provides a under chin viewpoint rather than the eye to eye view which Apple recommended for maximum reality. That you have selected the iChat AV and iSite as the cutting edge Video conferencing software is most appreciated by those of us who recognize the Mac platform as a leader in this area.

May we even hope that Final Cut Pro might replace Avid as your video editing software ?
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