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Anyone else see this story of a 21yo Mac user who got scammed on ebay? He tracked the guy down and had the cops arrest him with the help of fellow Mac users. He first posted about it on Macnn You can see his full story on his site

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Terrific story - good for him for keeping it at.
I hope he gets his computer back.
We got scammed a couple years back and luckily I noted the licence plate...not normal - just instinct kicking in as this guy was perfectly convincing.
When reported to the police they said 18 months to open an investigation

Okay if I robbed a bank of $5k they get the swat team.
But if I steal a cheque, impersonate the account holder, walk off with $8K worth of equipment, am a fraud artist known ( and I mean they knew immediately from just my description who it was :rolleyes: ). They say 18 months to start looking at it.

So, giving up on the locals I asked a PI ( first time for everything ) to check on this guy. For $500 I got the name of the detective who arrested him in Newmarket.
Called the detective..well it's not in our jurisdiction - even tho it's a known criminal - there is turf to consider.
But the detective was helpful and then he realized the cheque was stolen from his jurisdiction and I had tried to certify it ( dumb luck I happened to be in the area ) at the bank it was drawn on.
Bingo - it's his turf now.

So he walks me through a picture lineup - I pick out the guy..they raid his house..not the first time.....and they find lots more fraud situations much like the stuff above.
Into jail he goes - no equipment back but hey the bad guys lose one round :D

Now here's the kicker.
Same week this all happens I get a knock on the door at 12.30 hello - after midnight!!!!
TWO..count em..TWO police officers are here to investigate a traffic mishap. :mad:
Seems someone turned around in my driveway around 10 pm and hit the car parked across the street...a neighbor saw it and called the police.
So the very same station that couldn't investigate a known criminal impersonating someone else and defrauding me has the resources to respond within two hours with TWO officers a dented car.........after midnight.
Pissed was not the word :mad:
At least one officer back at the station was embarrassed enough to apologize...but the duty sergeant couldn't give a **** about the visit and berated the guy that originally let me know they knew the fraud artist. :rolleyes:
That lowered my esteem for the local force to a seriously negative number.

I guess I understood about the fraud delay - not enough resources and too many cases.
But the after midnight visit and attitude were unacceptable. I read afterward the force in question had some serious internal problems. Not surprising.

It's really good to see Mac people reach out and help law enforcement nail a guy like Mr. Christmas.
I've bought millions of dollars worth of Mac equipment online and never been defrauded. Says something good about our community and their head space. :D
Good on everyone who helped keep Mr. Christmas from ruining anyone else's holiday.


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It's an interesting world we live in when a dented car or some slight push on a shoulder can be called a "personal or property crime" and SWAT teams could, concieveably show up at your house and drag you away.

Even though your next door neighbor may be well known to the police as a fraud artist who has stolen identities(or some other non-violent crime) and made off with thousands of dollars from unsuspecting citizens. You can bet that the SWAT team will not be called in when he is arrested....if ever.

Perhaps it's time to revamp some of our laws?

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I guess I could make a crack about wasting law enforcement and legal resources on pot smokers and really (pardon the pun
) light it up but.........


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Talking of crime and punishment, I read the following story this weekend. Unbelievable.... I hope the civil case bankrupts the driver.

Driver gets house arrest for road rage
Saturday, December 14, 2002 – Globe and Mail Print Edition

It was a case of the Good Samaritan gone wrong.

In the wee hours of a February, 2000, morning, a sport utility vehicle clipped the shoulder of Aaron Willinsky, who was hailing a cab outside a restaurant on Queen Street. When the driver, Kurt Schuller, backed up to the snow bank where he had fallen, Mr. Willinsky thought he would receive help. But instead Mr. Schuller berated him for breaking his side-view mirror, then beat him unconscious with a metal rod.

Yesterday, Mr. Schuller, 26, was sentenced to 15 months of house arrest for aggravated assault and possession of a dangerous weapon. He was given a suspended sentence for leaving the scene of an accident.

Crown attorney Darren Hogan called the attack "an offence of stark horror," and sought a term of at least two years in prison, but Mr. Justice Harvey Spiegel said Mr. Schuller had no earlier history of violence and deserved a more lenient sentence.

Mr. Schuller's driver's licence is suspended for the term of his sentence, but he will be allowed to leave his home to work and attend classes.

Judge Spiegel said he was moved by the testimony of Mr. Schuller's younger sister, Monique, who tearfully described him as a "passive, understanding and kind person" who had taken care of her since their mother died four years ago.

Mr. Schuller's lawyer suggested his client was "dealing with unresolved feelings" about his mother's death at the time of the assault, and has since sought grief counselling.

Describing Mr. Schuller as a "rather passive, quiet, withdrawn individual," Judge Spiegel said the violent assault was totally out of character.

"The judge was swayed by a few tears," Mr. Willinsky's father, Michael, said afterward. "This sentence sends a message that it's acceptable to beat someone and leave them for dead."

Prosecutor Darren Hogan said Aaron, now 29, has suffered headaches, anxiety, and loss of memory since the assault. He spent a week in bed as he recovered from his injuries and has struggled professionally since the incident, losing a job as master carpenter on a film set.

"It was like a rape," his father said. "He was an innocent victim who was completely taken by surprise."

The sentence marked the end of a criminal trial that began nearly three years ago. Mr. Schuller prolonged the case by firing two of his lawyers and reversing a guilty plea.

Mr. Willinsky has also filed a civil suit against Mr. Schuller for personal injuries and loss of income, which he is still pursuing.
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