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Does this sound like a scam?

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I found this powerbook on craigslist, i emailed the guy and here's his responce:
"The product is new with 12 months warranty-(warranty is exchangeable), all standard accessories included- an unwanted gift-bought for my birthday, driven more by the desire to have it ,not by the need!
For shipping I have chosen UPS's service so you will have the chance to inspect the product before I receive the payment for it.
I will explain you step-by-step the procedure:
First you'll have to send me your shipping information (name and address) and after the receiving of them, I'll go to an UPS office and leave the package in their custody.
UPS will check it to see that the placed item has all the legal forms in order and will send you a notification that the package is in their custody.
If everything is in order they will deliver it in maximum 48 hours.
After you will receive the product, you'll have 5 days to decide if you want to keep it or not and you'll instruct UPS to release the payment to me.
If by any reason you will not be satisfied, you will not support any fee and all the taxes including the transport will be acquited by me.
Please contact me if you agree with my terms so we can conclude the transaction!"

I called the company he claimed he worked for and i was able to leave him a voicemail. Does any of this sound legit though?
Does UPS even provide such a service?

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it was a 17" for $750 actually. I wonder if he will call me back...
CanadaRAM said:
Absolutely a scam.

"I called thier company..."
How hard is it to call any company, and get a list of employee names from a voicemail system? "For David Jones, press 122, for Peter Tork Press 123, for Mickey in Monkee Corp. Accounts payable department, press 124".

Esp. if you try calling them and find out that someone's voice message says they are away for a week? Bingo - instant credibility! I can be Davey Jones for a week.
Yes, i agree, i'm jsut curisous to see if this guy will call back. I hope he does just so I can gve him a bit of a ride...
Ants said:
I replied thanking him/her for the offer but that I was looking for a local transaction only. Never got a reply! As CanadaRAM said, I use Craigslist for local face to face only.

Yes, me too. He was posting in the toronto site so i assumed he was local until I saw his email signiture which said he was from Califonia.
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