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Does God Exist?

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ABC News: Kirk Cameron vs. Atheists

The Atheists vs The Christians (no lions involved).

A very entertaining watch. It will be appearing on Nightline tonight.
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It isn't an answer anyone but your own belief can bring you. Do you go with the .... this world evolved from a big bang, complete chaos, my distant cousin over millions of years is a frog, no purpose in life, evolution kind of thinking or do you believe.... Everything in this universe was created for a purpose, everything is balanced precisely in the universe so that we may exist on earth, we were designed by a higher being that being God and for his pleasure, every creature on this earth was designed precisely and a frog cannot evolve into a human being (even over millions of years), you are not here by chance... you have a purpose to fulfill... find out what it is!

I personally believe there is a God! I know many here would rip my head off for my beliefs as I've seen before in previous threads on this subject but I dont care. I'll say it like it is!

- Look into the human body, DNA, the unbelievably complex makeup of the human body n how absolutely perfect it is, can you honestly believe that it all started from swamp fungi (swamp fungi is perfect too), we are the only creatures on earth that were given the knowledge between right n wrong, the animal kingdom was made perfectly too... but for another purpose.
- The way that only a select few scientists determine the (billions n billions of years) ages of things is unscientific and extremely unacurate, in actuality the earth is very young around 4000 - 7000yrs old, look at the coast lines disappearing they used to say these events took millions of years... well thats a bunch of garbage because real life proof shows a HUGE difference than their fantasies
- There is more real evidence/proof that Jesus existed than there is that Cleopatra existed! There are things that were prophesied that would happen (the odds of all of these things all coming true was unbelievably huge)... it all came to pass.... I'm refering to things in the Bible... what about nostra damus or whatever his name is... how many of his vague ideas came true???

This is me... this is what I believe, I will not be shaken! I'm not imposing my beliefs on anyone here, all I'm saying is look at the facts... from many different sources not just 1 named Darwin!
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So I'm watching that debate.... laugh out loud!!!! :D All you need is eyes that can see and a brain that works! So true..... Your car ... was it designed or did it fall together over millions of years into the random precise car that it is today? You know there is a maker even though you cant see, hear, smell, touch, taste him but you know he made it! As many world famous for being the most brilliante scientists of all time have said... the universe is in such harmony n perfection it only goes to prove that there is a maker!
Again... I'm not here to argue about it because I've tried before but I'm 1/10000 in this ehmac forum who shares this belief... all I wanted to say is

This is me... this is what I believe, I will not be shaken! I'm not imposing my beliefs on anyone here, all I'm saying is look at the facts... from many different sources not just 1 named Darwin!
One good example of a scientist that knew of the existance of a God yet did not put faith in him as in a religous way is Einstein. I'm listening to an audiobook about him n his life... although I find it personally disappointing that he did not put his faith in God he did believe in his existance because of the perfect harmony in this universe echoes that! I shall say no more.
bravo bravo... the non-believers always love to seek a way to destroy another's beliefs. Would it have made any difference if I would have called him Allah or Buda or something else....probably would have! I did well in geography thank you very much! Believe what you want... a person asked a question n I said in bold lettering... go n find out for yourself from many sources... dont just be spoon feed information from school! I just included a few facts... :eek: Ya I called them facts... that go in direct conflict with the theory of evolution... but that's a whole other subject!
The one question nobody can answer:

If we as "perfect" beings required a "God" to create us, who created God?
He has no begining and no end, is , was, and always will be! He is out of time, is the one who created time... infinity is a subject very hard for a person to wrap their mind around simply because we were not designed to understand it now. I know it'll probably not satisfy your poking fun at me n this thread will grow n grow n grow in that but it doesn't bother me in the least :D
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