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Does God Exist?

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ABC News: Kirk Cameron vs. Atheists

The Atheists vs The Christians (no lions involved).

A very entertaining watch. It will be appearing on Nightline tonight.
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- Look into the human body, DNA, the unbelievably complex makeup of the human body n how absolutely perfect it is, can you honestly believe that it all started from swamp fungi etc.
Yes I can because the theory of evolution is the only theory for which any observable evidence exists. There is not one single shred of observable evidence that will stand up to any kind of objective scrutiny to support the god theory, so I'll go with what I can show.

There is plenty of evidence around to show that DNA is far from perfect. You just have to start counting up the number of variations of human dis-ease that are demonstrably related in some way to errors of DNA. In a lot of ways it is the imperfections related to DNA that has enabled the whole panorama of life.

I find life in the most general sense is a total "Wow!!!!" experience without any need to recourse to some sort of supernatural 'special friend'. ;)
He has no begining and no end, is , was, and always will be! He is out of time, is the one who created time...
Yadda, yadda, yadda... Where are the facts you spoke so glibbly of?
guytoronto said:
I've noticed people who don't like evolution like to throw around "it's just a theory!"

Theory: A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena.
Those who use the term 'theory' so derisively with respect to evolution ought to remember that both evolution and god are theories. The data is all on the side of evolution.
guytoronto said:
Our universe has no beginning and no end. It has always existed, and it is infinite. It had no creator. If you can use that argument for God, we can use it for our universe.
Not, strictly speaking, true. The universe as we know it is expanding from a point source (the Big Bang) and there are estimates for how long ago that was -substantially greater than ~6000 years but not infinite.
"I think, therefore I am." Descartes

"To be is to do" – Socrates

"To do is to be" – Sartre

"Do be do be do" – Sinatra

Seriously, purpose needs to be found/created, or else we are just here, regardless of whether or not there is a God.
Exactly. We are just here. Finding "purpose" is just an affectation of ego. It is such a total gas to be here, to be alive, that no imagined purpose is necessary.
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