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I don't know whether or not I'm alone in this: in 10.2.5, the rumoured significant OpenGL advances in 10.2.5 do indeed boost the beauty and speed of my Quake-made frags (UT'ers, don't hurt me!), but those same advances also seem to take Warcraft III out behind the woodshed and beat it like a rug. It now appears to be much choppier than before, and there are horrid boot-up video consequences (terrible things happen to the screen -- something almost as bad as what Win95 does!) Of course, it never exactly ran wonderfully on this computer [TiPBG4 667/512/Radeon original (wince) w/16meg] but I was hoping 10.2.5 could remedy that to some small extent.

So, out with it: is anyone else screaming at the horror of giant yellow/pink lines scraping themselves across their screen while War3 grinds into agonizing motion? Or am I incredibly unlucky...

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