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Do I install ilife 08? or keep 06?

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Well, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the problems with ilife 08. I just got my 2nd mac (in a two week period - replacement) from apple, and this one came with the ilife 08 disc in the box. So here I am, trying to decide if I should install it or keep it as is with 06. I just keep hearing so many horror stories regarding ilife 08.

Suggestions would be appreciated

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Try it for yourself. If you don't like what it has to offer, you can always revert to iLife '06 using the original discs.
Try it for yourself. If you don't like what it has to offer, you can always revert to iLife '06 using the original discs.
One big caveat to that advice: If you have created anything in iWeb, be sure to back up the Domain file before installing '08. Attempting to use '08 to edit '06 websites seems to be a recipe for disaster.

I won't be getting iLife '08 until I land back in Canada next month - with any luck, the problems will be sorted out. If they're not, I'll still be installing the '08 package, but I'll be sure to keep iMovie HD '06 and have a triple-backup of my iWeb domain files *and* the application. The upgrade to iPhoto I definitely want to play with, and the new iMovie... well.. not so important, as I'm also picking up FCP Express...
iLife 08 will keep your iMovie HD, so no worries about losing the previous version of iMovie. For me, I like the look and feel of iMovie 08. I will use it for some simple tasks and use iMovie for more difficult tasks. iPhoto is pretty cool, iDVD is great with the new themes and the revamped Project Info. I haven't checked out the others because I don't use them.
Well, I fiddled with iweb last year, but never created anything. I just never knew the purpose of me creating a webpage as I don't have a business or anything. So no iweb projects. imovie 06 was great but once again, as this is a new machine, i have no projects going on it, and I made sure I finished existing ones before storing them on my external HD. So, no imovie projects.

With that said, (no current projects anywhere) It is probably a safe bet to install ilife 08.

How does the install actually work? Is it going to remove ilife06 and then install 08 in it's place? I have 130 free gigs right now. I'm curious what my free space will be after the install. I'm in no rush to install it.
I think it just upgrades iLife 06 to 08. Maybe 4GB difference in HDD space in all that I noticed, after the install. Go for it! I did a test run of a family movie I had finished with the previous version of iDVD last year. Took the same 3 movies and used one of the new iDVD themes. This time you can choose the quality (3 options) and it will determine how many GBs your file will be and where the quality will start to decrease. Burnt the movie to a Video_ts file (new option) and it gave me the time remaining until the project was finalized (this drove me crazy with the previous version; no time remaining and that audio encoding hang). Took about 4.5 hours to finalize on my 17-inch intel iMac C2D with 2GBs of Ram. Same project took 13 hours on my 17-inch iMac G5 1.9GHZ with 1.5GBs of Ram last Fall. Wow!!
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