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hey there guys;)
soooo obviously most of u know probably that its impossible to install tiger intel onto a 2008 imac.. it just wont start the installation cd no matter what..
but....... i was reading that its possible to boot tiger on my 2008 24" imac
the only catch is that its only possible by installing first on a 2007 imac (any model) and then creating a backup disk image of the freshly installed 10.4.10 or 10.4.4 (whatever it is) installation..... :confused:

im hoping someone will read this and already have a dmg made for this exact purpose that they might graciously feel like sharing with me so that I could
get a bootable tiger install on my drive! :clap: :clap:

the only thing i read that was possible to go wrong on this woudl be the built in sound might stop working.. but this is ok because i have audio interfaces that will work for sure..

why would i want to do this?
i have a few apps that run on tiger but not on leopard!!!!
also, i always loved the design of Tiger's UI...! :love2:
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