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Discovery HD Insectia Series

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I have long been fascinated by the variety of insects on this globe. When I was a kid, I caught and examined thousands of them on the prairies of Saskatchewan.

This Discovery HD series has me spellbound at the variety and the quality of the photography is nothing less than stunning.

That got me searching the web for pictures of species, especially those I might encounter while out in the campgrounds of the west over the summer.

I ran across this wasp:

And this beetle:

It is just one of hundreds of awesome photos on this site:

Anyone else found any sites showcasing insects? I will continue my hunt, but would appreciate any links others might have.
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I noticed that one in a "Caption Please" thread earlier this month.
Nice find, SINC. The photos on the linked site are impressive. Nature is indeed stranger than fiction....

Beautiful photos! I too spent my childhood discovering bugs on the plains of Saskatchewan. Good memories :)
The lead scientist on Insectia is hilarious - worth watching for him alone.
Gorgeous in HD.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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