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Disappearing posts?

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Has anyone had their posts unexpectantly disappear? I have just posted something half an hour ago and now it's gone. Strange.
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you sure it was this forum???

What was the post about? Which forum?
Last week I posted a new thread. When I went to the forum I posted it to, it wasn't there. I thought I might have made some kind of mistake and just left it.


What was the post about? Which forum?
This forum. It was about Airport Express...
No worries...just curious what happened, and this wasn't the first time. :)
I found something weird. When I click on topic, read it and click back (in Safari), I don't see the same topics. If I refresh, it's OK. Maybe this could explain your issue.
Yep, I noticed a post of mine went missing too... I don't even remember what it was about, so I'm not too concerned. :)
blame canada ... oh wait ... no, blame france :D
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