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Digital Picture Frame

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I heard a rumour a couple of months ago that Apple was going to make digital picture frames. I am now in the market for one, has anyone heard about Apple getting into this market?
I would also be interested to hear from people who have one of these frames and how they like it.
Here are some examples: Digital Picture Frames
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Anyone :confused:
i would hate apple if they do launch one.

The iPictureFrame
Bought one for my girlfriend a few weeks ago and she loves it. Good deal too. I got it for $109 but see it is on sale for $99 now here
Bought a 4gig sd card with it for $35 and a card reader for $10.
She has it at work and can display almost her whole iphoto library.
i would hate apple if they do launch one.

YouTube - MADtv - iRack (including blooper)

The iPictureFrame
HAHA! I was going to link to that one! Ya beat me :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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