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Digital Audio and Volume Control??

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I finally tracked down a rare optical SPDIF -> minijack adapter for my Mac Mini, so I could enjoy digital multichannel sound. To my horror, it seems that volume control is disabled under OS X when using the digital out? The volume control bar is greyed out, and the volume control on my apple remote (and keyboard) don't work.

Someone tell me there's a workaround/hack for this... otherwise I'm probably going to have to go back to an analog stereo cable :(
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Digital out is just that... there's no volume control for it really. It sends the signal along without tampering, so you'd have to control the volume either before it leaves the app (like in iTunes or DVD player) or wherever you have it plugged in (stereo).
Yeah I realize that, it's just a shame that the Apple remote function (or any remote device to control volume) is so limited that it can't control volume from within an app. I used a Windows MCE box for close to three years using SPDIF audio and had no problems with the volume. The Apple remote/Frontrow functionality was a big selling point for me, so I can't say that I'm not disappointed.
Try the remote with the latest VLC, it runs the software volume control fine, as well as doing next/back (fwd/back scan too), and play/pause. The only thing not working (yet) is menu. I never use frontrow, the interface makes me crazy, not to mention it's slooooooow speed for networked stuff.
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