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dial-up internet problems

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here's the deal. i have an aliant high speed account that gives me some dial up access. i have a razr phone from rogers (because aliant pissed me off). i can get my macbook to connect to the phone via bluetooth and it was recognized as a "Motorola BitSURFER 56k" modem. i filled in all the blanks in Internet Connect, but all i got for my troubles is a message that says: "A modem error occurred. Please verify your settings and try again." when i check the connect log, i see the following info:

Thu Jun 14 18:43:18 2007 : CCLWrite : AT\13
Thu Jun 14 18:43:18 2007 : CCLMatched : OK\13\10
Thu Jun 14 18:43:19 2007 : CCLWrite : AT&FE0&D3&C1\Q2%A4=1W1S0=0\13
Thu Jun 14 18:43:19 2007 : CCLMatched : ERROR\13\10
Thu Jun 14 18:43:19 2007 : Connect script failed

it appears there is an issue with the script. i am a mac n00b. i know nothing about the script, what it's trying to do or how to fix it. i think i know where it is, but that's about it.

any help?
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