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Deus Ex, is without a doubt, my favourite all-time game. I anxiously await news of the sequel (which hasn't been yet announced for the Mac) and while I am waiting I have found a way to sate myself for a short time:

Deus Ex: Zodiac

A new mod for Deus Ex, ZODIAC, is a single-player adventure being created.

I have downloaded parts 1 and 2 (six are expected to complete this adventure) and it's pretty damn cool.

Deus Ex, and Zodiac don't work too well in Classic on my machine, but when I {shudder} booted up in OS 9 and played, well, I can tell you that it has been a blast.

The story takes place after JC heads off from Tracer Tong's to seek out clues in the VersaLife building in Hong Kong. You play Paul Denton (JC's brother) in search for more conspiracy. It takes you to the CIA headquarters in Langley and then to Buenos Aires.

ZODIAC takes some fiddling to get work. You have to basically create a new folder called Zodiac Maps and dump files into respective folders. Followed by modifying the Deus Ex.ini and User.ini files in a couple of places.

The instructions (as they were written) can be a bit confusing. I recommend doing all the .ini editing in OS 9 with Simpletext (TextEdit tries to make them .rtf files)

There is a "Mac Friendly" download of it (the PC version is a .exe file that installs things).

So far, I find the levels are well crafted, albeit not as indepth as the original game, with a few side-quests to do. Story-wise, it is intriguing enough so far to keep me going.

As well, there are several in-jokes and movie homages. Nice little touches.


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Awesome looking mod! Must... download... !!!

I just re-installed Deus Ex and am going through the game. (again!)

I'll get this once I finish off the game. I want the sequl to Deus Ex, too, but I'd need a new computer to play it.
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