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Im a canadian living temporarily stateside, and I am looking for opinions on a recent news item I discovered on the gIobe and mail. So there's this citizens group on electoral reform in Ontario, which has conducted a study that has determined that ontario needs a new electoral system. Nothing new, but the cool thing is that this group is funded by the government, and their recommendations are taken seriously. the electoral system they are recommending is proportional representation (!), which means that parties would be granted the number of MPs that corresponds to the percentage of vote they won, which would be great for smaller parties like the Greens or NDP, and would allow people to vote for them knowing that their votes counted. This is almost never the case in Ontario (and Canada) where people usually vote against who they dont like rather than for who they do like. Anyway, the website is here:

and I would really like to know how people feel about this and if it excites them at all. One thing - all ontarians will be voting in a referendum this coming fall whether or not to adopt this system, and it requires a 60% approval to pass.

Everyone Ive asked who lives in canada (family, friends) have heard vague things about it and are not that interested. So, opening it for discussion.

Robin Turner
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