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Steady on...

Dell is responsible for bringing a computer in pretty much every home by driving prices down year after year. I would also argue that it is the MOST INNOVATIVE computer company in the world but (hold the tomatoes) not in terms of technical innovation, merely in terms of business innovation (not a complete oxymoron).

They were the first company to understand build to order in a big way and to build a synchronised supply chain; they were also the first ones to understand that you could make money at several stages in the life of the machine, not simply by shifting boxes.

If you are really cynical, you can argue that Dell is the real reason behind MS's success: by bringing out faster boxes every quarter, they have finally allowed everybody to run crap software with less pain...

The reason why I will NEVER buy a Dell product again, is that it is a dishonest company: it takes your money upfront (so does Apple) but does its darn best never to give it back. So if everything goes smoothly, you get a good customer experience; but the minute something goes wrong, you're completely on your own. From not honoring warrantees to forcing users to do their own part installations to putting you on hold for hours on premium phone lines, they do it all. I was conned once, went legal and won. Took 18 months. Never again...
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