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Hello, I currently have a wirelss network at home and share a printer that is connected to my emac.
Once i had created a new network from my emac (not from my wireless router) and shared printers from what i gather was rendezvous.
the printer name was something like this
[email protected] etc...
well, i switched back to my regular network and now i want to delete this printer that seems to be local on my ibook, but it will not let me delete it.

I connected back to the emac network but now the number is not 192.168,301.1 but sonmething different and it created another printer which i cannot delete.

Does anyone konw how to delete printers that are no longer the same IP on the network?

They are just sitting in my printer list and some have print jobs from way back that i cannot delete.

Any help woudl be appreciated

Thanks! [email protected]
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