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Magic date for G6 (or is it G7)?

  • Some time in May

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • At WWDC

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • Same time as the iPhone (late June)

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • September or later

    Votes: 23 69.7%

Date for new large iPod

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I was interested in buying a new iPod, mainly for photo backup purposes (it's a cheaper and better device than anything else on the market although transmission speed really sucks).

However... Macrumors tracks the renewal cycles and this is widely overdue (the big iPods have been changed up to twice a year, never less than once).

Predicting the new iPod is kinda hard: you could say that it is ready now as a product using the new interface or you could say that iPhone sales have to take off first. Methinks that the two launches should be a couple of months apart.

What do you think?
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Magic date for G6 (or is it G7) (or any new intel chipped iPod)... Magic date is..... When Apple decides to SURPRISE US!:eek: :lmao:

... is this the new Apple owner fad going around? Guessing games for every product that they come out with?
September/October. Apple's most likely going to let the iPhone bask in sales for at least a couple of months, and the truly large flash capacity levels are due around the third quarter. 16GB iPod nano anyone?
I am going to say January 2008.
I'm going to say a Tuesday around October 21, just after they made the promo where you get a free iPod with the purchase of a new Mac. (Students only, I believe).
I would assume they would want it out before Black Friday and the Christmas season... so late 2007 is what I would peg my bets on, too. Toshiba has been working on a 100GB 1.8" hard drive, so we'll probably see another boost in capacity, too.
42 (it's about as accurate an answer anyone else has given)
I don't see why everyones so concentrated on bigger hard drive room.. why not suggest to Apple somehow... more battery life... more enhanced features, better user interface, higher resolution screen, more scratch resistant, more environmentally friendly materials ?(they do sell TONS of these things) I'm guessing at least a few make it to the landfill!...
It's not just bigger harddive space: a 16GB flash means better battery life and a more practical unit. I hesitate to take my HD iPod to the gym, no such issues with flash memory.
Yup I can see why the balance of the voting is going towards autumn... I guess it will showcase the new two finger interface, album cover etc.
Well I didn't want to wait... I got sick of my 40GB iPod's unreliable battery life n song skipping (suspected HD problem)... so I decided to put it to backup iPod use... or dangerous location use only. I went n picked up an iPod G5 80GB... the black version ;).. goes well with my Pismo :p .... the Music VIDEOS ARE PHENOMENAL... I only have 4...
Switchfoot - Dare You To Move
Sting - Desert Rose
Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her
My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade...came free

All 4 music videos are extremely well made... I'll admit I don't watch music video's nowadays n these just blew me away! My all-time favourite one would have to be Dare You To Move! It's got a profound message behind it! I'd recommend you watch it :D
I was interested in buying a new iPod, mainly for photo backup purposes (it's a cheaper and better device than anything else on the market although transmission speed really sucks).
Have you looked at the Epson P-3000? It has a 4" screen and 30gb harddrive. If you get the P-5000, you have an 80gb harddrive. Integrated CF and SD card slots, can play videos and music, can view RAW files of many different cameras. It also has removable batteries, so you can have backup batteries, instead of having to constantly recharge the unit itself.

It's bigger than the iPod, but it's made for what you want to use the iPod for. It's also not much more expensive than the high end iPod.
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