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Via HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Greatest website for the iPhone!

<< SeeqPod Music beta - Playable Search - Find. Discover. Watch. Listen. Share. >>

Stream a million songs to your iPhone.


What is SeeqPod?

SeeqPod is the home for playable search results. SeeqPod's vertically targeted crawlers crawl the deepest parts of the web to enable internet-wide search & discovery of anything that can be played or shared with friends.

What is SeeqPod Music?

At SeeqPod Music, you can search for music, music videos & podcasts by artists you like, as well as discover other artists and songs you were not familiar with. You can generate countless playlists of songs and videos, save them for future enjoyment and share them with friends by e-mailing or embedding a player and playlist in a web page.

Where does the music come from?

The amount of music on the Internet is much larger than music found in catalogs or physical inventories. It's also a well known fact now that the Internet has a growing inventory filled with mashups, mixes and music of all kinds. At SeeqPod we crawl the entire multilingual deep web in the vertical space of music for the purpose of new kinds of playable search, discovery, recommendation and social experiences. In addition, as people make music and video they submit it to SeeqPod Music. This is done using the "Submit Music" link. You can even submit a location of songs we have not yet found and they will soon show up in the PodCrawler and search results.

What is the "PodCrawler"?

The PodCrawler is a direct window into the activities of the SeeqPod media crawling architecture. As new media pointers are located, they are validated and added to the searchable index, making them available as search results and playlist generation. The PodCrawler scrolling display presents randomly selected media from the most recently located content.

How do the discoveries work and what are they based on?

The Discovery engine generates songs for the artist or song title entered in the search box. Potential discoveries are enabled by our patented language independent algorithms that analyze and mimic the way people make associations, using a biomimetic approach revealing direct, indirect & hidden connections between different objects.

What can I search for at SeeqPod Music?

You can search for music and video. You can search for anything associated with a song. If the song cannot be played, you can search for things like lyrics, album art and many other things using the options button.

Does it cost anything?

No. There is no cost associated with SeeqPod's music service.

SeeqPod Music allows you to search the Internet for playable media. Registration of a SeeqPod account lets you store search results in personal playlists. The search results in the playlists can be streamed or shared with friends by emailing a link to the playlist or embedding a player and playlist in a web page.

What does "Selection timed out" mean exactly?

There are a number of possible reasons for this. The connection to the server hosting the track may be down or is having connectivity problems. The track may have been removed from the host server by the owner.

Is it legal?

SeeqPod is a search and discovery company with a focus on playable search results. SeeqPod understands that in the near future most search results will need to be played in form or another. Like most other search engines or social networks with content, SeeqPod does not stream or allow downloading of media. SeeqPod does not host media. SeeqPod indexes and links to submitted media its vertically targeted crawling system finds in the deepest quandrants of the internet. SeeqPod operates like a search engine technology company and social network combined. SeeqPod adheres to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Can I to listen to my stuff while on the the living room, etc?

SeeqPod is working on new ways of allowing you to access your playable search results and playlists. At this time, you can access playable search results through an internet-connected web browser.

I know of a song or video your search does not have. How can I tell you where to find it?

You can submit URLs to websites containing music and video you would like to see in SeeqPod's contents or direct links to existing playable media files on the internet via the Submit Music link. SeeqPod will direct their crawling architecture at these submissions and add validated media to the search and discovery index.
As one poster put it, the killer app for the iPhone... is a web app.

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"Is it legal"

(paraphrasing) Seeqpod does not provide copyright infringing content. It only links you to a million sources of copyright infringing content.

Yes, I know that a minority of the content will be rights released and freely available. But come on. People don't browse the Web to find the latest free release from Bobby Garage and Some Other Guys, they search for the latest pop singles.

This is Napster/Limewire v3.0

Quoting an article about Google in PC Magazine -- "It's not enough to say "Do No Evil". You also have to ensure that others don't do evil with the magic you provide."

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As one poster put it, the killer app for the iPhone... is a web app.
Wow, awesome site... thanks for posting. I got really excited when I checked it out and I'm sure I'll be using it all night.

Unfortunately, this site isn't going to work on the iPhone... it is a flash application and as we know there is no flash player on the iPhone (dare I say "yet"). Thanks again for posting thought because something hit me while I was thinking about the lack of an app platform (other than ajax) on the iPhone.

There is no flash player on the iPhone, yet there is a YouTube player which plays flash video content. I would have thought it would be easier to put the flash player in than build a custom YouTube browser/player. Maybe they did it because they're worried about security and have to iron some things out.

OR, maybe they did it because they want to control the flow of information. With unlimited data access apple could start selling streaming music subscriptions to iTunes content (permitting record label arrangements of course).

If they put the flash player in the browser then they can't sell such subscriptions because all of a sudden anyone can build apps that can do the same thing. Think about Orb (, you could stream music and videos from your computer at home or work. Same goes for seeqpod... either way, you'd never need to buy a larger capacity iPhone!

I sure hope they add the flash player, but I'm not convinced it's coming.

PS - "DataGrid.redraw()" is from the flash class package library
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