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On the command line you would type:

open "/Users/rscy/Desktop/my stuff/erodedc-0.6/erodedc"

If you go to the terminal and type:

man open

you can get more information about what "open" does. It's basically the same as double-clicking the file. I find it useful because you can open many documents or programs very quickly this way, for example: "open Budget*.xls" would open Budget1999.xls, Budget2000.xls, but not Budget.xls.

To get cron to do something, you have to add a line to your crontab file. If you type "crontab -e", this will open your personal crontab for editing (probably in VI). The system-wide crontab is /etc/crontab - you could look at it for examples.

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Hello everyone,

Back to the terminal for a sec; how do I make the terminal use cron to repeat a task on an hourly basis. I am using the GUI app CronniX. Anyone know?

As a command in Cronnix, I have this:
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> /usr/bin/open "/Users/rscy/Desktop/my stuff/erodedc-0.6/erodedc" <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Does that do the same thing as if I go into the folder in ther terminal and type in ./erodedc

AS you can see, I know barely anything about UNIX..


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