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cost of used Macbook, 1st gen?

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i've got a Macbook 1.83ghz, Core Duo (not 2) 1.25gb RAM, all other usual specs of first generation models, plus Applecare.

it's about 1yr old now. no problems.

i'm considering upgrading to the black one, but am wondering how much i could get for this one. any suggestions?
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Assuming you have the extended Applecare, $1100 maybe.
I'd say around 950-1,000.
i was thinking about doing the same thing
but in the end, i'm just going to save my money
besides, my macbook is turning black naturally with my dirty hands :D
I assume you're using a 1GB stick + 256MB stick... it is highly recommended that you use paired memory in the MacBook, so either 2x256, 2x512, or 2x1GB.
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