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Core 2 Extreme vs Core 2 Duo

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I am thinking to get the new 24" iMac. Can anyone give hints on the difference between the two CPUs? Does it worth $300 to upgrade the CPU to the Extreme one?

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Thanks. From those bar charts, this Extreme CPU can only do 7% or 8% better than the Core 2 Duo.... And, $300 accounts for 15% of price increase. hmmm.... can I conclude that this speed bump is not worthwhile?
'twas ever thus

There is a 'sweet spot' in price/performance, and then to increase performance incrementally over that, requires more money -- a 2:1 curve of net increase in dollars to net increase in performance is typical.
That's a Core2Duo desktop chip versus a Core2Duo Extreme desktop chip.

The iMac has the mobile versions:

2.4GHz T7700
4 MB of shared L2 cache
800 MHz front-side bus


2.8GHz X7800
4 MB of shared L2 cache
800 MHz front-side bus

Here is a more accurate comparison.
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This comparison. verifies the above observation, a 7-8% performance bump. Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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