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Cooling Stands for MB/MBP

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I am considering a MBP for college or a slightly different similarly sized laptop. What is a good, reasonably priced cooling stand. The most important function is to elevate the laptop to a more comfortable level for typing/viewing. THe cooling function is an added bonus I'm willing to pay a few bucks more for. I have USB hubs so I can take one thats USB powered.

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I use this one for my MacBook:

Canada Computers - Notebooks > Accessories : Cooler Master CoolPal (R9-NBC-APMS-GP) Aluminum Notebook Cooler.

It's been pretty good. It angles the keyboard and screen for a better viewing and typing position. Using the stand (without the fan) I notice a 3-4* Celsius drop in temperature. My only complaint is that the fan is a bit on the loud side. I tend to use it without the fan on most occasions.
That company also has a few other nice models as well.
Although it doesn't have powered cooling, I swear by the (original) iCurve (and a bluetooth keyboard).
Although it doesn't have powered cooling, I swear by the (original) iCurve (and a bluetooth keyboard).
The revised iCurve is much better than the original. :)
If the laptop is your only computer, having a separate keyboard will help greatly. Having done that, you could go the cheap route and then just go to Staples and pick up their smallest monitor stand ( about $20), which ahs a ventilated bottom and elevates the screen for better viewing.


Dave McQueen
I use this one with my Mac Book Pro:

It keeps the laptop off my lap and cools it by a few degrees. Plugs into USB for power. Its light, too. I use this and also use SMC Fan Control to bump up the fan speed depending on what I am doing. I try to keep my MBP between 50-65 C (usually is between 50-60 when I am playing WoW, fans running at 5000rpm).

I've been using an iBreeze ever since I bought my G4 Powerbook 2+ years ago. It plugs into a USB port on my Powerbook and has a USB port on the back of it that I plug my small USB hub into for printers, scanner, camera, etc. Clear acrylic, dual fans. I occasionally throw it into my computer bag and take it with me.

An iBreeze costs about $45 CAD - MacMice : iBreeze cooled laptop desk stand, laptop accessory - CoolUSB PC & Mac Peripherals

Carbon here in K-W has/had the iBreeze, not sure about the Toronto store.
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