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I had asked before why there was quite a difference between video cards in text control and clean image edges. 9600 versus nVidia 5200.
The difference was remarkable.

Well to help out a Mac buyer I've given up my own 9600 card until the warranty replacement arrives and have switched to a Radeon 7000 - no not in the same league but the text crispness and overall image was very soft. :(

NOW I had run it through the Apple supplied DVi adapter that comes with all Macs lately. Cute little white dongle.

:mad: :mad: Take the dongle out - run straight to the VGA out on the card and the test and edges clean up remarkably.

So ....poor quality on the dongle.
Conspiracy to artificially degrade a vga image in order to sell more LCDs.

I'm going to check another dongle ( I noticed the new ones are shorter )
and a third party adapter that is straight through with no cable to see if there are differences.

Anyone want to speculate as to what's occurring here??

I'm also going to check another Radeon 7000 to see if there is variation.

Sure would like to know what the factors are in this crisp edge and text control differences between cards.

Getting a bit spooked here. The voodoo lords are abroad.
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