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I've had this message in the past and just got it now and have no idea what it really means.

AFP Client has been updated. Do you want to allow the new version to access the same keychain items (such as passwords) as the previous version?

This change is permanent and affects all keychain items used by afp_mount.

Then I have an option to hit Don't Change or Change All (in the past I've hit change all but don't really understand what I'm doing or what it is asking. Okay I realized I'm always trying to connect to my sister's computer via connect to server to transfer stuff from my computer to hers and vice versa so I know it's something to do with an afp address.

The weird thing is that my afp number and hers keeps changes all the time and I don't know why. It's driving me nuts. In fact in the past I was able to connect to her machine no problem but a few months back had to create a new admin account just to get on there. Why do our numbers keeps changing all the time?



Your numbers probably keep changing because of your network configuration. If you're using DHCP (which ismost likely if you're hooked up to a router to get on the internet) it decides on your address, but there's an easy way to work around that. Set the machine names to something easy to remember (and type) and you should be able to access the machine via the machine name with rendezvous. For example if the machine you want to connect to is called "thatmachine" you can put afp://thatmachine.local in the connect dialog. Avoiding spaces makes like a lot easier for this type of setup. You can assign the machine name in the top of the sharing control panel, (by default it will likley be _____'s Macintosh or something similar). Then connecting is done using machinename.local (the .local tells it to use rendezvous to find the machine which doesn't require knowing the numeric address).

Now the afp keychain stuff is nothing to worry about, you can safely agree to let it make the changes. It is just notifying you that your version of afp_mount was updated (it was part of the last security update) and it wants to update the saved passwords in your keychain accordingly to reflect the new version. Not being able to access it from pervious versions is not a problem, and I'm really honestly not sure why Apple insists on warning user of this. I've never seen a problem with doing this, ever as you almost never go back to using older versions of software like that :)
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