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so-let's see what we have here-iMac and macbook pro original dvd's (tiger), copy of iLife 08
Microsoft Office 98, Airport software (1.2.1), Power Mac G4 package for reinstallation, Adobe Photoshop 5.1, MIcrosoft office X, Adobe Creative Suite 1.1.1 (Premium) . 2 copies of Finale (Finale 98 and 2004), OS X Leopard Upgrade dvd and a Time Capsule 802.11 package

Whooee ! All instructions and documents are included

so, I don't really know what it's worth exactly..maybe something....

it's always fun listening to someone complain about how much that program cost back then.... uh, nope:ptptptptp... what's it worth now? can you use it now? No ?

there you go then

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